How Do You Find Out About Storage Unit Auctions?

How do you find out about storage unit auctions?

By now, I believe just about everybody in America has probably seen the television show Storage Wars. It’s a very entertaining show and has become quite popular over the last few seasons. Before the show aired, storage unit auctions were somewhat of a little secret that not a whole lot of people generally knew about. Of course, now, everybody knows about them and there’s a flood of people wanting to try their hand at bidding on storage units that have come up for auction. A lot of people are suddenly asking themselves things like: How do you find out about storage unit auctions? Where and when are storage unit auctions held in my area? How can I go to a storage auction?

With all the popularity that the Storage Wars television show has enjoyed, it’s still not widely known among the public exactly how to locate storage unit auctions. Which is a little strange, seeing as even before the show began airing, storage unit auctions were experiencing a trend of rapidly increasing in frequency. Indeed, the self storage industry itself has seen a huge increase in recent times. More people are storing more things — which means, more storage locker auctions are taking place.

I used to go to storage unit auctions much more regularly than I do now — I attended my first one some time in the late 1990’s. The last storage auction I attended was about eight months ago. It wasn’t one of my better experiences with storage auctions. There were ten units up for grabs at this particular storage locker auction. All of them were small, except one — the one the auctioneers kept for last. A silly mistake on their part, if you ask me. That last one was a huge 20’X40′ locker — giant! The auctioneers had limited the attendance to just 20 people, and every spot was taken. But, the storage lockers were going cheap — everybody was assuming there would be a bidding war on that last locker, the price would be run up on it, and nobody wanted to blow their money on the smaller lockers — none of which appeared all that great anyway.

For this reason, as I said, the small lockers were going cheap. One of them went for five dollars! The auctioneer started the bidding at $25.00, but nobody would bid on it. The auctioneer finally said “Ok, how about $10.00?” There was silence. “How about $5.00, then? Would someone give me $5.00?” A woman said “Alright, I’ll give you $5.00 for it.” Unfortunately, I never found out if she got her money’s worth or not. From the look of the locker, I’d say it definitely wasn’t a certainty that she did.

How do you find out about storage unit auctions?I managed to win a bid on one of the small lockers myself. I got the high bid at just $90.00. There really wasn’t anything in it of any value, other than one really nice full-length leather jacket. I sold it on eBay for $210.00. A profit of 120 bucks — nothing spectacular, but you can’t complain about profit.

Out of the nine small storage units up for grabs that day, the highest price paid for any one of them was $350.00. I dropped out of the bidding on that one with my last bid of $275.00 — it didn’t look like it was worth the risk for anything more than that. I had set my limit on that unit at below $299.00, and I stuck to it. I wasn’t going to pay $300.00 or anything higher for that paticular storage locker. And, like everyone else, I didn’t want to get to that last, huge locker and not have enough money left to buy it if it turned out to be something great. I had come to that auction with $5,000.00 in cash on me. Huge lockers like that one can sometimes have nice cars in them, or other high-value, large items. It was far from guaranteed that that locker would go for less than the $4,910.00 I had left.

How Do You Find Out About Storage Unit Auctions? (Cont’)

So, the first nine small lockers had all been sold. The crowd gathered around the door of the last, huge locker in anticipation. This was the moment everyone was waiting to get to through the rest of the day’s events for. The lock was cut on the door. The auctioneer’s assistant bent down and lifted the door, finally revealing the contents…

An old, worn out, mildew encrusted cat scratching post. That was it. The entire locker was empty except for that cat scratching post! Whoever owned that locker had cleaned it out and, knowing nothing of value was in it, I guess, just let it go to auction instead of coming to pay their bill. Everybody laughed — a couple of people used some foul language — Auction staff closed the door, and the auction was over. Storage locker auctions go like that sometimes.

I thought it silly, upon reflection, that the Auctioneer would leave the big locker until last — knowing that doing so would most likely cause the bids on the preceding smaller lockers to be reduced. But, perhaps they were worried that if they auctioned off the big locker first, a lot of people might just go home after that. Who knows? I didn’t ask.

Nevertheless, it was actually fun. Storage unit auctions usually are. There’s just something exciting about bidding, winning, and then claiming the prize — not really sure if you’re going to hit the jackpot or not. Sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t. You can make money at it, and it’s fun — those two things always pair exceptionally well together.

How can I go to a storage auction?But, how do you find out about storage unit auctions? How do you know when and where they’re happening in your area? There are a number of ways. The most tedious of which, of course, is to locate all of the storage facilities in your area. Phone them and ask them when they have auctions coming up. You should also locate all of the auction services and auction houses in your area. The storage facilities usually hire out to a third party auctioneer or auction company to conduct the actual auctions. Many of these will maintain a mailing list that you can ask to be included on. When they have an auction scheduled, you’ll get an e-mail notice. So, contact them and ask if they ever handle storage locker auctions and if they maintain a notifying service of some sort. If they do, ask to be put on their notification list.

Going this route, as I said, can be tedious. Some such auction facilities and services don’t maintain such lists, or aren’t very good about sending them out with consistency. Also, there are almost always a number of auction services in any given area that are contracted by the local storage facilities. So, you’ll have to find and contact them all, and hope that all of them are reliable with sending out their noticesĀ  if you want to be sure of not missing any of the really good storage unit auctions that may be coming up. It can be tedious keeping contact and keeping track of mailings yourself from so many different parties.

How Do You Find Out About Storage Unit Auctions? – The best way.

The most effective way to make sure you stay on top of the best and potentially most profitable of all the storage unit auctions which may be happening in your area, is to take advantage of a dedicated auction locating service. These services are run my companies with experience in locating auctions. They maintain a list of all upcoming auctions throughout the country, and will tailor notices to any specific area you wish. The auction houses use them to make sure as many people as possible know about their upcoming auctions. If you contact an auction service and ask to be put on their notification list, you’re just one person. They’ll notify you if they can — if they remember to do so. If they forget, or don’t get around to it for one reason or another, well, that’s just one person who wont be showing up to their auction — space at storage locker auctions is usually limited to a certain number of participants, and there’s almost always more people wanting to attend than there is available space. If the auction house forgets to notify the auction listing service, however, it could mean that almost nobody shows up at their auction — so, they make it an absolute top priority to make sure the listing service knows about all of their upcoming auctions. And, even if they don’t, the listing service itself is constantly engaging in pro-active efforts to make sure their lists are complete and up to date.

If you’re asking yourself how do you find out about storage unit auctions, the best and easiest way is to take advantage of a reputable, third party, auction listing service, such as the one located at this website, or the one located here. Those are two of the biggest in the country. There are others as well, however, this webpage, and the one located at this link will provide more information on a couple of other such services.

So, if you’re one of the many people who have been asking themselves how do you find out about storage unit auctions, now you know. Locate and contact all of the storage facilities in your area, and all of the auction houses and services in your area and ask them when they might have storage locker auctions coming up in the future. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the classifieds section of your local newspaper — such storage unit auctions are often advertised there. Or, you can do what the pros do to get an advantage over the other bidders and use a dedicated auction listing and notification service.

How do you find out about storage locker auctions?Happy bidding! I hope to see you at a storage unit auction soon, and I hope you find some incredible treasures in one of those storage lockers!

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