How to Start a Side-Business Selling Government Surplus From Home

Surplus Business Government Auctions How To

I really don’t like working for somebody else, punching the clock, living paycheck to paycheck — work to make more money for someone else than I am for myself. I was fed up, and decided that there had go to be a better way to earn a decent income on my own time. I’d heard of people earning a living by selling used items on-line, or face-to-face, but I just couldn’t figure out how to go about sourcing valuable goods that I could then sell very, very cheap.

I couldn’t figure it out, that is, until I discovered police and government surplus! I really just kind of stumbled on the idea one day when someone stole a bike that belonged to a neighbor’s boy. The police asked my neighbor to come to the unclaimed property lot to see if perhaps someone had turned in the stolen bike, or if it might have been recovered in a bust. My neighbor was astounded at the incredible amount of stuff the police had in the unclaimed property lot! He asked them what it was that they ended up doing with with all of the stolen items that never ended up being claimed by anyone. The police informed him that it is eventually sold at auction to the public, and that these auctions are actually held several times every year! I had found the answer to my dilemma! The government actually has many millions of dollars worth of merchandise just lying around in huge warehouses –just waiting for somebody to come along and purchase it. Some of the stuff was obtained through confiscation by the police — these items include things like luxury automobiles, expensive jewelry, desktop computer systems and laptops , high-end audio gear and much more! Whereas, some of it is government surplus items like office furniture and equipment which is no longer required. And, the greatest thing about it is that the government and the police have to get rid of it, because the stuff just keeps piling up and they run out of room — criminals are always getting busted; governmental departments are always liquidating their old items. So, they need to get rid of this stuff fairly quickly. What do they do? They sell he stuff off to the highest bidder!

The difficult part of all of this is that most of these police and government auctions are actually well-kept, and closely guarded secrets. The people who are actually in the know regarding these surplus auctions just don’t tell anyone about them. Why would they? The more crowded these auctions get, the more competition there is against them, and the more people bidding, the higher the top bids are driven up! However, once I discovered the secret to these incredible auctions, I was then able to purchase computers for pennies on the dollar. For instance, not long ago I was able to purchase ten 19” monitors for just sixty-five bucks for the lot! I was able to flip them almost immediately for $100.00 per monitor — making myself almost $1,000.00 in easy profit! I did need to rent a truck for the day in order to transport them back to my place, but that only cost me sixty bucks. So I was still able to profit more than $850.00 on just a single deal! The best part is that it only took me around three hours to pick the monitors up. That’s not too shabby for just a half-day’s work. At yet another auction that I attended I was able to grab HP Color Laserjet printer for just $135.00! That particular model of printer actually retailed for several thousand dollars. I bought it for $135.00, and I paid a technician $75.00 to clean it up and I turned around and sold it for $1000.00! That’s just two examples of the auctions that I’ve personally won and then was able to flip.There has been many more, though.

Just a little while ago, I saw a number of airplanes had actually come up for auction! If only I’d have had the means to get an airplane back to my place!!! The aircraft were each worth many tens of thousands of dollars, and each of them ended up being auctioned off at incredibly gigantic discounts. Just a few of the types of things you’ll often see at police and government auctions are: airplanes and aircraft parts, all types of automobiles, boats and even luxury yachts, all sorts of jewelry, computer equipment and laptops, cameras and other types of photography equipment, office furniture, electronics and supplies, camper-vans, trucks, trailers and RVs — the list goes on and on. And, anybody can purchase these things. So, go ahead and get yourself started in the very lucrative and accessible business of police and government auctions! Anybody can do this — even from the comfort of your very own home, and you can do it with just as little,  or as much, time and investment as you wish to commit!


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