How to Make Passive Income on the Internet

How to make passive income on the internet

This week we’re going to take a short break from subjects relating specifically to the surplus industry. Many people who regularly visit and view this website do so because they hold an interest in starting a full or part time business, or earning extra money, and, for many, doing so through the buying of surplus goods and then reselling them at a profit is just one method they’re investigating with an aim to accomplishing this goal. So, today, just for a change, we’re going to visit other methods and talk about how to make passive income on the internet.

To those who have been successful in actually earning substantial revenue on the internet, one of the most common questions they’re asked is “How can I get started in making money on the internet?” If you’re a person who has ever been able to actually earn anything approaching a substantial income online, then you already know this. You get this question over and over. People see you doing it and they want to know how to do it themselves.

Here’s the thing: If you’re currently trying to figure out how to make passive income on the internet, the first thing you need to realize is this: When you boil it all down, there’s just two ways that a person can earn an income over the internet: (1) You can sell a product or service that you’ve developed or otherwise procured the rights to sell. (2) You can sell someone else’s product or service. And, that’s pretty much it.

In selling your own product or service, you either create a product or service, or otherwise procure full rights to a product that someone else has created, and sell that. In selling someone else’s product or service, you basically market it and earn commissions for each sale you make, or sometimes (usually much, much smaller) commissions for providing the originating seller with leads or exposure to their sales material . Each of those two options have both their own advantages and disadvantages. But, if you ask most people, their instinctive response would be to say that selling your own product is, overall, far more advantageous. Most people, unfortunately, would be incorrect.

If you’re wondering how to make passive income on the internet it should seem counter-intuitive to think that putting forth effort to sell someone else’s product for them, and just keeping for yourself a percentage of the sales you help generate, is actually preferable to doing the same work and keeping all of the profits. It seems to make sense, does it not? After all, if you’re working to sell someone else’s product, aren’t you just working to make someone else rich? In reality, however, this isn’t the case. Because, of course, the fact is that if you’re selling your own product, you’re not doing the same amount of work at all.

If you wish to market your own product there’s a heck of a lot of time, effort and expense that will be required before you even get to the point where you can begin trying to promote and sell your product, and begin earning revenue. You’ll first need to go through the entire process of product development, testing, setting up a means of fulfillment — that is, figuring out exactly how you’re going to deliver your product to buyers and securing the means to efficiently do so — and many other things.

Discover how I make passive income from the internet every monthYes, of course, if you’re selling your own product you’re going to end up with a bigger share of the pie in the end. But, the time, effort, expense, and, more importantly, risk, involved are all exponentially greater than selling a product in which the developer has already taken all of that upon themselves. In selling someone else’s product for a commission you eliminate all of those burdens and hassles and jump straight into marketing the product and earning income. And, if the product fails, you just find a new and better product to promote. You don’t lose everything you’ve invested in the development stage. Even if you’re just starting out trying to earn money on the internet — which, of course, I’m sure you must be if you’re asking how to make passive income on the internet, (as, if you weren’t just starting out, you likely wouldn’t be asking that question) by marketing someone else’s product or service, you could actually be earning real income within just the next few days.

In the world of internet business, this is referred to as “affiliate marketing.” And, it’s very attractive to people who are looking into how to make passive income on the internet because in utilizing affiliate marketing someone else has already done all of the product development, they’ve already done market testing of the product’s sales material and honed it so that it converts well — they’ve done all the dirty work for you. All you have to do is to figure out what you can do to get their sales and promotional material in front of as many people’s eyes as possible. And, in so doing, you can begin earning revenue almost immediately.

And, who cares if you get, say, a $20.00 commission on each sale you generate when the product owner is keeping $30.00 for his or herself? If you’re making, say, 20 sales for them a day, and earning $400.00 per day in revenue, are you really worried that they’re earning $600.00 per day in revenue from the work you’re doing for them? Considering, of course, that you were left free from the burdens that are involved in product development, testing, the construction and testing of effective promotional and sales materials and all of that stuff? It should be kept in mind, too, that commission rates on many affiliate products are as much as 50% of the sale price — sometimes even more in some cases!

So, we’ve covered the two basic ways of how to make money on the internet. And, we’ve seen that for the majority of people, the second of these two ways — marketing someone else’s product is almost always the better choice. But, we haven’t yet tackled specifically what you’re searching for: How to make passive income on the internet — the keyword in that question, of course, being “passive.” Because, that’s the secret, isn’t it! You can bust your rump everyday trying to make sales, and when you do, get your $10, $20, $30, or what have you, commission. And, let’s say that you’re promoting a product where you get a $20 commission on each sale, and you get to the point where your daily efforts are producing for you an average of just 3 sales per day. You’re earning $60.00 every day — but you’ve got to put in that work every day in order to get that $60. And, if you want to increase the amount of your daily revenue tomorrow, it means you’ve got to put in more work. Doubling, say, the amount of sales you make, and thus the amount of revenue you generate, will mean doubling the amount of work you have to put in. What if you’re putting in all the work you’re comfortable in doing, and you’re still not making as much as you’d like?

Well, what if you didn’t have to do that? What if putting in X amount of work just today resulted in a recurring income of, say, $20.00 per month that kept repeating month after month without having to put in more work? And, putting in the same amount of work tomorrow resulted in another $20.00 every month? Then, the same for the next day, and so on, and so on. Your income stream would grow and grow and grow, and keep growing, without the need for you to take on any more work — you just keep doing your daily work, and, over time, your total income inflow gets bigger an bigger. So, after awhile, you’re doing the same amount of work you were doing to make those 3 sales per day, but instead of earning your $60.00 per day, you’re earning… well, the sky’s the limit, really… because, the work you did yesterday is earning you money today, and the work you did the day before that, and the day before that, and so on, and so on. This is what we call “passive income.” And, it’s very possible to achieve.

How to make passive income on the internetThe best thing about such passive income is: If you stop working altogether, the money will still keep coming in — for a time anyway. If you stop putting forth effort of any kind, you will, of course, see your income dwindle over time until it dwindles down to nothing — there is, after all, no such thing as a free lunch. But, if you’re successful with such a method, you can build your income to the level you want it, then back off and enjoy the money. When your income starts to fall below the level you’d like to have it at, you can put out more effort, then get lazy again for a time. It’s all about how much work you’re willing to put in, and what you want your revenue to be.

Exactly how to make passive income on the internet

So, now you’re familiar with basic idea behind how to make passive income on the internet, but what, specifically, must you do? What is that ‘work’ I’m talking about that you need to put in to start earning commissions from selling someone else’s product? That ‘work’ is the specific methods of marketing and promotions you’ll need to exercise in order to drive traffic to the sales material of the product you’re promoting, so people can view it, become interested, and actually purchase it — thus, making a sale for which you’ll earn a commission. And, how does this become ‘passive income’? You’ll simply choose highly-in-demand products to market that charge customers recurring fees and pay-out commissions each time the customer is re-billed.

So, let’s say you find such a product that charges a customer $40.00 on an initial sale and re-bills them $40.00 each month and pays out a 50% commission to you each time the customers is billed. Let’s say also that, with this product, the average customer chooses to keep taking part in the program for six months. If you generate just three sales per day, at the end of one month, your income will be $1,800.00 PER MONTH. And, if you stop making sales there, you’ll continue to earn $1,800.00 every month for the next 6 months. But, if you choose to keep going, making the same amount of daily sales, then at the end of the second month, your income will be $3,600.00. At the end of the third month, $5,400.00. You’d be doing the same amount of work every day, but your income would keep growing. If you were happy making $5,400.00 a month, you could keep doing that same amount of work for three months, then take three months off, then work for three months again, and so on. This is the essence and ideal of making passive income on the internet.

But, as I asked before: What exactly is it that you have to do to make those sales? What, exactly, is it you must do in order to get people to the sales materials and make the purchases, thereby earning you your recurring commissions and generating your income? What are those ‘specific methods of marketing and promotions you’ll need to exercise’ that I talked about earlier? The specific methods are actually many, and you’ll need to exercise them in order to generate sales — that’s what you’ll spend time doing each day. They include things like: Creating ‘squeeze pages’ for you to promote in order to generate leads and build lists to market to. Or, perhaps producing promotional videos to publicize on the internet that direct people to the sales material. They might include writing and distributing sales-copy of your own in order to publish around the internet. You might create and publishing eBooks or other items you can give away which promote the product or service and direct people to the order page. You might also purchase advertising — either on the internet or through more traditional, real-world means. You might write articles on topics related to the product you’re promoting to publish in eZines or on blogs, or to submit to article directories. There’s tons of stuff that internet marketers do each day in order to generate sales — and, you’ll need to do them to generate your own sales. It’s all part of how to make passive income on the internet and these are things you’ll need to learn and do if you wish to earn such passive income yourself.

But, what if there was a way to actually earn passive income on the internet without actually having to do all of that? What if you could promote these recurring commission affiliate products and actually have someone do all of those daily marketing tasks for you, and still earn the recurring commissions yourself? It might seem difficult to believe, but there actually is such a way. Now, don’t get your hopes up and start thinking that it’s possible to sit-back, have someone else do all the work for you for nothing, and just start raking in cash by doing absolutely nothing yourself. Business doesn’t work that way. It never does. Remember what I said earlier about there being no free lunches. If you want to make money you can do it one of two ways (and this is true in any business): You can do work, or you can pay someone to do work for you. If you want to make money, you have to invest something, and this can either be your time and effort, or your money — or, as is most often the case — some mixture of both. That’s reality. And, if you’re looking for a way to earn good money without having to do either, you’re chasing a pipe-dream — that’s the truth. Anyone that tells you that you can earn decent money without having to make some sort of an investment — either in time, effort, money, or some mixture of each — is lying to you.

How to earn a passive income using the internetAll successful business owners know and accept this fact. So, it’s not about trying to figure out how to make passive income on the internet without making any sort of investment — as all successful business owners know, it’s about how to make the investments you’ll be required to make wisely, in order to realize the greatest returns on your investment. It’s about turning relatively small investments into relatively big returns. That’s the nature of successful business. If, instead, you’re looking for a free lunch, you’ll fail — you’ll ended up in some sort of ponzi scheme, and you’ll fail. Free lunches don’t exist. If you believe you’ve found one, I promise you it is not what it appears to be. If you’ve found something that appears to be a free-lunch — you’re being deceived. You need to look for smart investments — not miraculous ones.

So, does a such a smart investment exist that will provide you the ability to make passive income on the internet while someone else does practically all of the daily work for you? Believe it or not, the answer is yes — but, it will require an investment. If you’re not investing time and effort, you’ll need to be investing money — there’s just no way around that if you’re looking for a realistic way to earn a substantial passive income on the internet. The great thing, the investment required is small — less than $50.00, believe it or not. Yet, with it, you’ll be able to get started earning passive, residual income on the internet and eliminate the need to do all of that daily marketing stuff yourself that I talked about earlier.

You wont need to write or produce any content yourself. You wont need to create, produce, develop or test any of your own products or services. You won’t need to come up with and create your own sales copy or promotional materials, or sales letters. You wont need to buy any hosting, set-up your own webpages, or use any auto-responder software. You wont need to send any e-mails to anyone, nor do any extensive research into choosing which products or programs to promote in order to earn your recurring, residual commissions. Someone else will actualy do all of that stuff for you — for just a one-time investment of less than $50.00!

I’m sure you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true. Well, I think you’re going to be awfully surprised. But, don’t take my word for it. Visit the website located at this think (click here) and be sure to watch the entire video located there and read everything presented on that page before making up your mind. And, again, I think you’re going to be awfully surprised! You’ve been searching out how to make passive income on the internet, and here it is. I truly believe that this is the best and easiest method available today. Do yourself a favor and at least look into it. If you do decide to take advantage of service, you’ve got 60 days to make sure it’s doing exactly what it promises to do, and exactly what I’ve said it will do in this article. If you discover it’s not — if you’ve discover it’s not the answer to how to make passive income on the internet, you can have your entire investment refunded to you with absolutely no hassles, and no questions asked. Being as familiar with service as I am, however, I really doubt you’re going to be asking anyone for your money back.

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