There’s no Telling What You Might Find at an Auction

Weird things found at auctions

There’s absolutely no telling just what might wind up being offered up for sale at auction. There really isn’t. A number of years ago I attended a government surplus auction wherein one lot being auctioned off consisted of over 500 lady’s braziers, of all things — the items came to be put up at auction due to a truck, whichRead the rest of this page »

How To Make Money with Government Surplus Auctions

How To Make Money with Government Surplus Auctions

Have you ever found yourself with a curiosity about making money by purchasing items at auction at low prices and then re-selling those items at a profit? It is, in fact, somewhat surprising just how popular this notion appears to be. In fact, to a fairly large number of people, the thrill of obtaining interesting items at auction for lowRead the rest of this page »

Buying at Police Seized Car Auctions

Buying at Police Seized Car Auctions

Have you been giving thought to perhaps taking advantage of the incredible deals you’ve heard about when it comes to buying at police seized car auctions? Well, you’re not alone. Practically everyone has heard about these police seized car auctions, and the often amazing buys available through them. And, practically everyone, if asked, expresses an interest in taking part in oneRead the rest of this page »

Foreclosure Investing Explained

Foreclosure investing explained -- photo credit: Jeff Turner

A practice very much related to the surplus business is the field of real estate foreclosure investing — the buying and selling of foreclosure or pre-foreclosure properties. It is quite common to find those running successful surplus businesses to be dabbling in real estate foreclosure investing. And, as a way to diversify your income streams if you’re currently, or thinkingRead the rest of this page »

How to Make Passive Income on the Internet

How to make passive income on the internet

This week we’re going to take a short break from subjects relating specifically to the surplus industry. Many people who regularly visit and view this website do so because they hold an interest in starting a full or part time business, or earning extra money, and, for many, doing so through the buying of surplus goods and then reselling themRead the rest of this page »