Surplus Business Equipment – A Wise and Economic Alternative

Surplus Business Equipment

Surplus Business Equipment – Government Surplus

You’ve started your business, or you have one already at least reasonably established. You now find yourself in need of some expensive equipment and supplies. Purchasing equipment and supplies for your business new can be prohibitively expensive. You may have heard that a cheaper alternative to locating and procuring the items your business needs would be to source surplus business equipment. Many business owners do go this route. And, procuring surplus business equipment can be a realistic and economical path to locating the quality business equipment and supplies that your business needs.

Surplus business equipment and supplies are often available from private sources. However, one of the more preferred sources for obtaining quality surplus business equipment is actually the government itself. Buying surplus business equipment and surplus business supplies from the government is actually both a simple and affordable method for properly equipping both your new and expanding business. The types of surplus business equipment available from government sources range from computers to automobiles, and even to previously used medical supplies and equipment — even real estate. Practically any type of equipment you can imagine, or that your business may be in need of, can be sold off by the government at or below cost in the form of surplus business equipment.

Surplus Business Equipment:
A Guide to Government Auctions and Sales for Your Business

At a time when a federal agency or a state or municipal agency finds itself with extra equipment or seized items, or if it happens to foreclose on some piece of property, the items will either be transferred to some other governmental agency or they will be sold off to the public at a government sale or auction. These surplus items are usually sold on an  “as is” basis by auction or else they’re offered to the public in a negotiated sale. The auctions and sales might take place on-line, or in-person, or sometimes both. On-line government surplus auctions tend to work in very much the same fashion as any other, regular online auction works, such as the ones that take place on popular websites like eBay. A person interested in taking part in such on-line government surplus auctions simply visits a website that is run by an agency or broker that is conducting the auction or sale, they register their name with the site, and, when the auction begins, they simply begin placing their bids on the items they’re interested in.

Most of these government surplus auctions that are conducted by various states have a single online auction website where the auctions can be found. However, that’s not the case with auctions conducted by federal agencies. There is no one, single on-line government auction site used by the federal government. Instead, each federal agency is responsible for their own liquidations of excess or no longer needed property or goods. Individual agencies like the General Services Administration, individual federal law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Defense, to name a few, each maintain their own individual auction websites.

The following list contains a number of online resources and websites that you can use to locate sources for procuring surplus business equipment from government sources. In the list you will find online resources offering government surplus business equipment, supplies, merchandise, seized property and real estate.

Government Surplus Locating Resources and Services:

  • GovernmentAuction.Org
    This online resource tracks government surplus auctions taking place all over the country. It maintains a large database of upcoming federal, state, and local government agency auctions. Visitors can filter searches in order to list government surplus auctions coming up in their specific area. This is a valuable resource for anyone looking for surplus business equipment.
  • AuctionPass.Com
    AuctionPass is an online resource that tracks, lists and catologs upcoming government surplus auctions at the federal, state and local, municipal levels. Visitors can search extensive listings and find out when government surplus auctions are happening in and around their location.

Government Surplus Auction Sites:

  • is a government run resource which aims to assist consumers in locating government surplus business equipment and other surplus goods and merchandise all in one place. The site catalogs most of the surplus items currently up for sale by the federal government.
  • Military Surplus
    This online resource is run by the Defense Logistics Agency and provides information on surplus items available from the Department of Defense that are being offered up for sale by the U.S. Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service.
  • Seized Vehicles from the U.S. Treasury
    This site catalogs and lists auctions of previously seized vehicles taking place in a number of states. The U.S. Treasury maintains a number of auction sales centers around the country and seized vehicles are most often offered for sale at one of these centers. The various locations include: Chula Vista, California; Edison, New Jersey; El Paso, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida;  and Nogales, Arizona;
  • IRS – Real and Personal Property Sales
    This on-line resource lists and offers for sale or auction real estate and personal properties that have been seized or otherwise acquired for nonpayment of IRS taxes.

Free Govenment Published Guides to Government Sales and Auctions:

  • Government Auctions and Sales by Agency
    Provides a comprehensive list of Internet links directing visitors to the auction or sales websites maintained by each particular federal government agency.

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