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Seized Property Auctions

Federal Seized Property Auctions

There’s no doubt that if you’re interested in saving cash on any sort of goods, property or items, the bargains that can be obtained at local or federal seized property auctions are positively unparalleled. Everyone knows, or has heard, about people managing to snag incredible deals at such seized property auctions. Yes, a lot of people know this — but, not a lot of people seem to be regularly taking advantage of the low prices for quality goods that these local, federal or state seized property auctions offer. Why is this?

Most people, when in the market for some sort of high-priced item, having heard of seized property auctions, spend a token amount of time investigating them. And, as is regularly the case, quickly become frustrated because finding such seized property auctions proves difficult. They try once, don’t have much luck finding any seized property auctions, and from then on they never try again. From then on, their opinion is that what they’ve heard about seized property auctions and the deals that are available at them is just some sort of hype, or that actually finding seized property auctions is really more trouble than its worth.

If you’re like most people who have looked into taking advantage of such state, federal or local seized property auctions, chances are extremely good that you’ve had a similar experience. The truth of the matter is that taking advantage of seized property auctions, finding them, and actually obtaining amazing deals on items that you’re interested in acquiring is much easier said than done.

Traditionally, government seized property auctions are not well advertised and promoted. There’s two main reasons for this: The first reason is that, counter to what might be intuitive, the government agencies that operate these seized property auctions actually want to keep the competition amongst bidders to a minimum. This attracts the big players — the professional liquidators and other such business professionals that buy and buy and buy, and have the means to drop huge amounts of money on the big lots.

If such pros are constantly dealing with a swarm of (what they consider to be) gnats (the little guy — the private, independent individual), they’ll go elsewhere. The real pros view this as an inconvenience and an impediment to their ability to do business smoothly. The operators of government seized property auctions welcome all bidders, big and small — they have to. But, if they had their way, they’d limit the seized property auctions to just the big fish — the big time business players that will think nothing of dropping $10k on a lot of, say, 500 assorted pieces of office electronics, or a lot of 50 industrial arc-welders. The big players have big money. And that’s very attractive to the government agencies operating seized property auctions. And, the big players with the big money don’t like the annoyance of having to compete with a bunch of little players.

Seized Property AuctionsThe second reason is that there really is just no pressing incentive to advertise seized property auctions widely, while there most certainly is incentive to keep costs to an absolute minimum. Remember, the whole shtick behind seized property auctions — what makes them so attractive to the big bidders — is that the merchandise is available for ridiculously low cost. Advertising is an added cost for the operators of seized property auctions — an added cost that, if incurred, reduces the profit able to be made by the  auctioning department from the already razor-thin profit margins obtained on the individual items or lots.

The big players that fuel the seized property auctions don’t need advertising to know when and where these seized property auctions are taking place — it’s their business to know. They’ve usually spent years in developing the right professional contacts and putting a system in place to effectively keep abreast of upcoming seized property auctions.

Seized Property Auctions — The Where and When

So, if you’re not one of these big players, where does that leave you? How can you find these local, state and federal seized property auctions? Luckily, it’s not as difficult as it may at first appear.

The best way, hands down, is to take a page from the big players themselves. One of the methods the pros employ is to use the services of a government seized property auctions locating service. There are companies out there who act as service bureaus to auction buyers and interested parties looking to score deals at private and government seized property auctions. One such service is GovernmentAuctions.Org. However, there are a number of these companies currently in operation. Information on another popular seized property auctions locating service can be found at this link. And, yet another is located here. Yet another can be found at this link.

These locating services do all of the work in finding these unadvertised government seized property auctions that are coming up all across the country. You simply inform them of the locations you’re interested in — the locations you have easy access to — and when one of these seized property auctions is scheduled to happen, they’ll inform you regarding all of the information you need so that you can attend and take full advantage. It’s an invaluable service for anyone looking to obtain hefty bargains at seized property auctions. If you’re actually thinking about perhaps getting into a full-time, or just a side business, or revenue generating hobby buying low at seized property auctions and selling high, then a quality auction locating service such as one or more of the ones mentioned above is an absolutely indispensable tool!

How Do You Find Out About Storage Unit Auctions?

How do you find out about storage unit auctions?

By now, I believe just about everybody in America has probably seen the television show Storage Wars. It’s a very entertaining show and has become quite popular over the last few seasons. Before the show aired, storage unit auctions were somewhat of a little secret that not a whole lot of people generally knew about. Of course, now, everybody knows about them and there’s a flood of people wanting to try their hand at bidding on storage units that have come up for auction. A lot of people are suddenly asking themselves things like: How do you find out about storage unit auctions? Where and when are storage unit auctions held in my area? How can I go to a storage auction?

With all the popularity that the Storage Wars television show has enjoyed, it’s still not widely known among the public exactly how to locate storage unit auctions. Which is a little strange, seeing as even before the show began airing, storage unit auctions were experiencing a trend of rapidly increasing in frequency. Indeed, the self storage industry itself has seen a huge increase in recent times. More people are storing more things — which means, more storage locker auctions are taking place.

I used to go to storage unit auctions much more regularly than I do now — I attended my first one some time in the late 1990’s. The last storage auction I attended was about eight months ago. It wasn’t one of my better experiences with storage auctions. There were ten units up for grabs at this particular storage locker auction. All of them were small, except one — the one the auctioneers kept for last. A silly mistake on their part, if you ask me. That last one was a huge 20’X40′ locker — giant! The auctioneers had limited the attendance to just 20 people, and every spot was taken. But, the storage lockers were going cheap — everybody was assuming there would be a bidding war on that last locker, the price would be run up on it, and nobody wanted to blow their money on the smaller lockers — none of which appeared all that great anyway.

For this reason, as I said, the small lockers were going cheap. One of them went for five dollars! The auctioneer started the bidding at $25.00, but nobody would bid on it. The auctioneer finally said “Ok, how about $10.00?” There was silence. “How about $5.00, then? Would someone give me $5.00?” A woman said “Alright, I’ll give you $5.00 for it.” Unfortunately, I never found out if she got her money’s worth or not. From the look of the locker, I’d say it definitely wasn’t a certainty that she did.

How do you find out about storage unit auctions?I managed to win a bid on one of the small lockers myself. I got the high bid at just $90.00. There really wasn’t anything in it of any value, other than one really nice full-length leather jacket. I sold it on eBay for $210.00. A profit of 120 bucks — nothing spectacular, but you can’t complain about profit.

Out of the nine small storage units up for grabs that day, the highest price paid for any one of them was $350.00. I dropped out of the bidding on that one with my last bid of $275.00 — it didn’t look like it was worth the risk for anything more than that. I had set my limit on that unit at below $299.00, and I stuck to it. I wasn’t going to pay $300.00 or anything higher for that paticular storage locker. And, like everyone else, I didn’t want to get to that last, huge locker and not have enough money left to buy it if it turned out to be something great. I had come to that auction with $5,000.00 in cash on me. Huge lockers like that one can sometimes have nice cars in them, or other high-value, large items. It was far from guaranteed that that locker would go for less than the $4,910.00 I had left.

How Do You Find Out About Storage Unit Auctions? (Cont’)

So, the first nine small lockers had all been sold. The crowd gathered around the door of the last, huge locker in anticipation. This was the moment everyone was waiting to get to through the rest of the day’s events for. The lock was cut on the door. The auctioneer’s assistant bent down and lifted the door, finally revealing the contents…

An old, worn out, mildew encrusted cat scratching post. That was it. The entire locker was empty except for that cat scratching post! Whoever owned that locker had cleaned it out and, knowing nothing of value was in it, I guess, just let it go to auction instead of coming to pay their bill. Everybody laughed — a couple of people used some foul language — Auction staff closed the door, and the auction was over. Storage locker auctions go like that sometimes.

I thought it silly, upon reflection, that the Auctioneer would leave the big locker until last — knowing that doing so would most likely cause the bids on the preceding smaller lockers to be reduced. But, perhaps they were worried that if they auctioned off the big locker first, a lot of people might just go home after that. Who knows? I didn’t ask.

Nevertheless, it was actually fun. Storage unit auctions usually are. There’s just something exciting about bidding, winning, and then claiming the prize — not really sure if you’re going to hit the jackpot or not. Sometimes you do, and sometimes you don’t. You can make money at it, and it’s fun — those two things always pair exceptionally well together.

How can I go to a storage auction?But, how do you find out about storage unit auctions? How do you know when and where they’re happening in your area? There are a number of ways. The most tedious of which, of course, is to locate all of the storage facilities in your area. Phone them and ask them when they have auctions coming up. You should also locate all of the auction services and auction houses in your area. The storage facilities usually hire out to a third party auctioneer or auction company to conduct the actual auctions. Many of these will maintain a mailing list that you can ask to be included on. When they have an auction scheduled, you’ll get an e-mail notice. So, contact them and ask if they ever handle storage locker auctions and if they maintain a notifying service of some sort. If they do, ask to be put on their notification list.

Going this route, as I said, can be tedious. Some such auction facilities and services don’t maintain such lists, or aren’t very good about sending them out with consistency. Also, there are almost always a number of auction services in any given area that are contracted by the local storage facilities. So, you’ll have to find and contact them all, and hope that all of them are reliable with sending out their notices  if you want to be sure of not missing any of the really good storage unit auctions that may be coming up. It can be tedious keeping contact and keeping track of mailings yourself from so many different parties.

How Do You Find Out About Storage Unit Auctions? – The best way.

The most effective way to make sure you stay on top of the best and potentially most profitable of all the storage unit auctions which may be happening in your area, is to take advantage of a dedicated auction locating service. These services are run my companies with experience in locating auctions. They maintain a list of all upcoming auctions throughout the country, and will tailor notices to any specific area you wish. The auction houses use them to make sure as many people as possible know about their upcoming auctions. If you contact an auction service and ask to be put on their notification list, you’re just one person. They’ll notify you if they can — if they remember to do so. If they forget, or don’t get around to it for one reason or another, well, that’s just one person who wont be showing up to their auction — space at storage locker auctions is usually limited to a certain number of participants, and there’s almost always more people wanting to attend than there is available space. If the auction house forgets to notify the auction listing service, however, it could mean that almost nobody shows up at their auction — so, they make it an absolute top priority to make sure the listing service knows about all of their upcoming auctions. And, even if they don’t, the listing service itself is constantly engaging in pro-active efforts to make sure their lists are complete and up to date.

If you’re asking yourself how do you find out about storage unit auctions, the best and easiest way is to take advantage of a reputable, third party, auction listing service, such as the one located at this website, or the one located here. Those are two of the biggest in the country. There are others as well, however, this webpage, and the one located at this link will provide more information on a couple of other such services.

So, if you’re one of the many people who have been asking themselves how do you find out about storage unit auctions, now you know. Locate and contact all of the storage facilities in your area, and all of the auction houses and services in your area and ask them when they might have storage locker auctions coming up in the future. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the classifieds section of your local newspaper — such storage unit auctions are often advertised there. Or, you can do what the pros do to get an advantage over the other bidders and use a dedicated auction listing and notification service.

How do you find out about storage locker auctions?Happy bidding! I hope to see you at a storage unit auction soon, and I hope you find some incredible treasures in one of those storage lockers!

Government Surplus Online Auctions

Government Surplus Auctions

It used to be that if you wanted in on the incredible bargains available at government surplus auctions, you had to do an awful lot of footwork. Just locating government surplus auctions and figuring out where and when these auctions would be held was quite a chore, as they tended not to be very well advertised. Then, of course, once you found an upcoming government surplus auction, you had to actually, physically go to the location in order to take part.

Today, however, we’re living in the electronic age and, as with many things, government surplus auctions have now moved into the online world. Government surplus online auctions have become exceedingly more popular over the last decade. No longer does an interested buyer need to spend the time or gas money to actually travel to the government surplus online auction they once did — all of your auction bidding can now be done in front of a computer, right from the comfortable surroundings of your very own home.

Actually knowing where on the internet one needs to go in order to take part in one of these government surplus online auctions isn’t knowledge that everyone has, however. Even in this age of the internet, it still takes a fair amount of searching. Fortunately, there are services available such as the one offered by GovernmentAuctions.Org, and AuctionPass, which act as both government surplus online auction, and more traditional, offline government auction locating services. The more reputable of these services, such as those mentioned above, are truly invaluable tools if you’re looking to get a leg up and really snag the absolute best deals on things like federal government surplus vehicles, or local or state government surplus automobiles, government surplus equipment, surplus furniture, government surplus ammo, machinery, clothing, government land auctions, and just about anything else you can think of. GovernmentAuctions.Org also offers auction locating services for both American  and Canadian government surplus auctions, as well as repo auctions, police auctions, military government auctions and much more.

Of course, if you’re someone who is interested in purchasing quality government auctions cars, you will probably want to check out our very own, updated hourly, live surplus vehicle auction listing that’s located here. Be sure to bookmark that page and check back every so often, as the best deals quite often get snatched up soon after being posted. If you’re in the market for more general military government auctions goods, or other non-military general government auctions surplus items, you’ll probably also want to check out our other listings located here and here as well. Live listings for military surplus items are located here.

Government surplus online auctionWith all of that said, it should be clear that while the modern electronic age has made locating such government auctions of surplus goods much, much less of a chore than it once was, it’s still not an entirely simple task for many people. The truth of the matter is that many of these government surplus online auctions just aren’t advertised or promoted all that well. Internet search engines can often make the task of locating government surplus online auctions fairly difficult as, recently, there has been a trend for the major search engines to favor commercial websites willing to dump money into the search engine’s advertising schemes. This pushes the actual government surplus online auctions information that you’re probably looking for deep down into the search results and brings advertisers who just want to sell you something up to greater prominence in the returned results. The effect, of course, is that you’ll need to spend time and effort hunting through those results in order to find the information you’re looking for.

In fact, you’re probably on this page right now because you’ve become frustrated in trying to locate the information you need and are looking for tips on how best to go about doing so. There does certainly seem to be a lot of talk on the internet about these great government surplus online auctions taking place all the time, but there doesn’t really seem to be very much direct information regarding where they are and how to find them exactly. That’s why we offer our live, updated-hourly surplus auction listings. And, if you’re truly interested in maximizing your ability to find the absolute best government surplus auctions — ones taking place both online and offline — your best bet really is to take advantage of a competent government auction locating service like the ones mentioned above.

There really are an absolute ton of amazing bargains to be had at these auctions — bargains that most people just don’t know about. And, while it can still be somewhat tricky to locate these government surplus online auctions by yourself — even in this age of instant information via the internet — there are services available to you that will give you a remarkable advantage in both finding the auctions you wish to take part in, or even teaching you the information you need in how to find government surplus online auctions on your own — whether you happen to be looking for either American or Canadian government surplus online auctions.

Government Surplus Auction Websites:

Army Shop Outlets – The Basics of Buying

Surplus Jackets, Military Boots and Camo Netting

When thinking of picking up some real bargains on items such as camping gear, items of furniture, various tools and construction materials, high-quality, well made clothing and many other types of goods, a lot of people tend to immediately think about visiting an army shop surplus outlet. And, for very good reason. Army shop outlets truly are one of the best options available to you if you’re looking to acquire very high-quality, well-made goods when you’re on a tight budget.

Of course, it very well might be that you’re experiencing some level of difficulty in trying to locate a good army shop outlet. When and if someone finally does locate one of the better army shop military surplus outlets that are out there, however, their first visit can be a true revelation. Many people, upon their first visit to such an army shop, are stunned to see the wide array of high quality merchandise available at such incredibly low prices. Practically anything that the army or military in general issues to its own personnel, at one time or another, eventually makes its way into an army shop outlet as surplus goods. Such items might include military issue clothing, military grade tools, gear and other hardware, military vehicles, and often even some military weapons.

Army shopBecause these items have fallen into the category of being surplus to current military requirements, the cost that these quality goods become available for at such army shop outlets is usually quite low. It’s very possible to find such army surplus items at these shops at savings of anywhere from 10% to 80% less than items of similar quality available at regular retails outlets. Sometimes the savings can be even higher!

It’s also important to remember that much of the goods sold through army shop outlets isn’t actually used merchandise. This is a common misconception among members of the public. Many people, it seems, appear to believe that a lot of the military surplus products available through such army shop outlets are items which have been used extensively by the military and are being sold off to the public once they’ve become worn out or have otherwise lived-out their usefulness. This, very often, just isn’t the case.

Mostly, military surplus items find their way into the army shop outlets because they are over-stock items of some sort (the military ordered, or were delivered, more than they needed) Or, the items had been warehoused and waiting for use by the military, but the military upgraded to newer, updated equipment before the items were able to be put to use. In short, while you can find very high quality used gear at these army shop surplus stores, much of it is actually brand new — never used.

If you’re interested in possibly buying some of the larger sized surplus items from these army shop outlets — items like vehicles and weapons — then you’ll most likely not be able to locate these items easily through any traditional means that people normally use to locate more conventional products. Good luck, for instance, attempting to locate such items by browsing the classified sections in your local newspapers!

If you are truly interested in acquiring such items, one of your best bets is to make direct contact with the nearest military bases in your area and try to build a friendly relationship with the personnel on those sites. Once you become familiar and friendly with some of the military personnel, a quick phone call now and then can alert you to any equipment they have that may about to be designated as surplus items. Some military installations even run a service that you can sign-up for where they’ll e-mail or mail out notices if they’re having upcoming surplus item sales or auctions.

Very often, the larger military surplus items are not available through army shop outlets. Instead, these types of items are often made available through specially held public surplus auctions only. And, you’ll need a method for determining exactly when and where these auctions are to be held. You can, of course, inquire at a nearby military base and see if they run any sort of notification service for upcoming auctions. But, not all military bases do.

Army shop outlet

There are other, easier methods, however, for getting ahead of the game, locating such bargains, and finding out exactly where and when these public surplus auctions are going to be held — methods that don’t require you to go to the trouble and put forth the prolonged efforts involved in attempting to build personal relationships with military personnel. There are government and military surplus auction locating services that, quite frankly, are worth their weight in gold. These services, such as the one located at this link, or the service available here, provide a highly valuable service that will give you the upper edge in locating these types of auctions and sales, while taking all of the troublesome footwork out of the equation for you.

With regards to purchasing the more traditional, smaller kinds of military surplus items, a good army shop outlet is really your best choice. And, most areas usually have at least one or two such decent army shop outlet surplus stores. A quick check of your local yellow pages, or an on-line search should be able to inform you of the location of these shops. Along with that, of course, there are now on-line army shop outlets on the internet that will allow you to browse or search for the items you’re interested in and ship those items nationwide or even worldwide. A great live, up-the-minute, listing of surplus vehicles available at auction, for instance, is maintained on this very website — you can view it by clicking here. We also have the same listings for general military surplus — available here. And, non-military, no-reserve surplus items — available here.

But, there’s little doubt that actually visiting a quality army shop outlet for military surplus goods in your area is likely to provide you with your best experience. Online shopping is great and very convenient at times, but, when it comes to such military surplus items, you’re likely to want to, and find great advantage in, actually being able to handle the merchandise and see and inspect it with your own eyes before making a purchase. When in the market for things like surplus camping equipment, military clothing and various types of military furniture, it’s always a good idea to inspect the items before purchase — something that you can’t really do if you buy via the online route.

Public Surplus Auctions – Exactly How To Find Them

Public Surplus Auction

The public surplus auction — many people who are interested in attending such events don’t know how to go about actually finding them. In this article, I will explain to you exactly the best way to locate any public surplus auctions which may be taking place in your area.

If you happen to be searching for a public surplus auction, it’s very possible that you may encounter the issue of having difficulty in being able to identify a public surplus auction that actually focuses on providing a wide array repossessed, seized and other surplus goods at auction. If you have your sights set on obtaining electronic equipment, vehicles, and practically any other thing under the sun that you might be able to imagine, you actually can purchase these items through a public surplus auction. Personally, I, myself, have found that most public surplus auctions conducted over the internet provide only a very limited amount of different types of goods and they very often do not feature a wide variety of different types of public surplus auction items to search through. That’s not to say that public surplus internet auctions aren’t without their value and benefits. Believe me, it is possible to both identify, and obtain, some incredible bargains on some surplus items over the internet. But, if you want real variety, and you wish to really stand the best chance of locating those hidden gems and astounding deals, the old ways still seem to be the best ways. You need to actually locate live, public surplus auctions that are taking place in your area and attend those auctions. But, how do you find these public surplus auctions?

If you are currently attempting to find a public surplus auction, you may find it difficult if you’re trying — as most people nowadays do — to search the internet looking for specific goods that may be coming up for auction somewhere in your state. Going this route tends to lead to frustration for most. A better method involves locating all of the auction firms that are in your area and using them to provide you with the information you require. You should make an effort to identify an auction house that specializes in public surplus auctions and is experienced in assisting potential buyers in locating the specific types of items they are seeking.

A buyer who might make use of public surplus auction websites will also need to take some time and effort in researching recently marketed products which are related to the goods they are interested in bidding on, before placing their bid on such items. Doing so is essential as it will provide you — the bidder — with a very valuable insight toward a reasonable cost for the specific item that you’re bidding on. Making sure that you put the time and effort into this sort of pre-sale research will be sure to aid you in determining exactly how much you should be willing to bid on any particular product that is up for auction — thus helping to ensure that you avoid costly mistakes at the public surplus auction you attend. Along with that, It will also provide you with an idea as to just how in- demand a particular item might be — what its re-sale market value might be. The information that you acquire in this area will most likely be quite useful to you, as, at such public surplus auctions, if there is an overabundance of a certain type of item available, the buyer may very well tend to bid lower — seeing as how they will have multiple choices when it comes placing bids on similar items. On the flip side, however, if a certain item is somewhat, or totally unique, rare, or unusual, a buyer might decide to bid much higher, considering that it very well might be the only chance they have to acquire a certain item they’re interested in.

You should definitely take steps to fully familiarize yourself with any website you plan to use which lists upcoming public surplus auctions. And, make sure you also familiarize yourself with the specific bidding procedures before you attend the public surplus auction. This is quite important as it will aid you in remaining free of any errors you might make when placing your bids, which could result in you overpaying for a specific item, or jeopardizing a successful bid on an item you’re interested in altogether. It’s also quite crucial to fully understand the specific bidding method that will be utilized at the public surplus auction that you’re interested in attending, as this will go a long way in helping you to devise a bidding strategy that can drastically increase your chances of winning the bid and acquiring the specific items you desire. The specific process might be quite different  for various public surplus auctions, so you’ll want to fully familiarize yourself with the methods being used for each public surplus auction beforehand.

There exists quite a number of public surplus auction locating services that you may wish to take advantage of. These services possess experience and expertise in finding and informing you of the best, most reliable, and potentially most lucrative public surplus auctions that may be coming up in your area. Some of these services, however, are not all that great, and it’s important — if you’re planning to take advantage of such services — that you pick a good one. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to determine which ones are worth your while:

1) The service or public surplus auction house will allow you to take a free, no obligation,  test run. You’ll be able to browse and find the most lucrative deals without cost or obligation.

2) The service or auction firm will provide comprehensive auction data that is constantly  updated and fresh.

3) The services or public surplus auction house will be a nationally referenced organization  with a proven track record.

If you are on the lookout for a high quality and potentially lucrative public surplus auction  locating service that will provide bidding opportunities on a wide assortment of valuable goods and merchandise, and that will be open to practically any bidding budget, and fully meets the three tips laid out above, we can confidently recommend either GovernmentAuctions.Org, or AuctionPass.Com. Check out both of them and see which one seems more right for you. Both are exemplary services which will allow you to browse through and shop an incredible inventory of goods and merchandise, and will keep you fully informed, with the most up to date information, on public surplus auctions which may be happening soon in your area.

Public Surplus Auction