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Sourcing Surplus for Your New eCommerce Business

Surplus sources for your new online business

In our modern era of communication through online social media and the ever-present smartphone, it has become a relatively simple task for just about anyone to almost instantly set-up and begin operating an online business. And, with the ease the internet has provided in linking wholesale suppliers with distributors, marketers and merchants looking to sell merchandise at mark-up to a retail market, the prospect of starting your own online business has never been more feasible to the average person.

With that being said, however, at least a little know-how is still required. Sure, you might have aspirations for starting a web business — perhaps starting your own online store – but, unless you’re already somewhat web savvy, and/or have done a small amount of research, there’s likely two areas that you may be experiencing confusion over. The first is: How, exactly, do I go about actually getting an online store, or other point of sale eCommerce mechanism set-up and running? To help you in this area, I recommend spending some time browsing all of the free information available at this great online resource: OnLineStoreHowTo.Com — In particular, check out their entirely free, step-by-step instructions detailed in their article: How To Open an Online Store Step by Step.

Once you’ve fully familiarized yourself with what, exactly, is needed in actually getting an online store up and running, and live on the internet, the second question you’re likely to have most probably has to do with actually stocking your online store. Where do you find your stock that you’re going to be selling to customers on your online store?

In fact, finding sources for at-or-below-wholesale goods that you can sell through your online store at a profitable mark-up is one of the most important tasks you’ll need to address in beginning your online business. Absolutely securing your sources is imperative to success. And, it’s an area where a lot of aspiring internet marketers fall short. Earning a respectable profit by selling merchandise online can be fairly easy, but you will absolutely need to have constant access to s reliable means of supply. It’s all dependent on that.

The most common route that most new online store retailers take is to locate reliable wholesale providers. Locating such providers these days is a relatively simple task. In order to source valuable wholesale merchandise from reliable wholesale providers, one might take advantage of professional services like an electronic wholesale sources lister, such as this one. One might try to locate and strike up relationships with individual wholesale suppliers directly, by doing internet searches for supplier’s websites or contact information and then contacting them directly. Or, as an alternative method for people looking to minimize risk and turn profits selling items at very high mark-up, one may turn to the method of sourcing goods through acquiring surplus inventory.

Due to the intermittent nature of the surplus industry, the standard business model for making money from acquiring surplus goods is basically: Buy when you can, and sell when and how you can. And, this traditional method works well for a lot of people. If you’re smart with your acquisitions then you can turn a tidy profit by taking advantage of the surplus industry in this way. But, if that’s not the business model you’re interested in — if, instead, you’re looking to retail items you’ve acquired as surplus with the high mark-ups that reselling surplus acquired items allows, through eCommerce, then you’re going to need a somewhat steady supply of such surplus acquired stock.

Acquiring surplus merchandise in such a way, with such a constancy that you’ve always got stock to move can be extremely challenging — especially if you’re just starting out in business. Your best bet is to take full advantage of a professional locating service. Using such a service will keep you fully informed of all potential stock buys that become available to you — without, of course, having to do any of the footwork yourself. You can investigate a couple of these services by clicking on this link, and another one is available at this link.

But, even if you do employ such services, it’s wise to always have a few wholesalers on your list of contacts as a back-up — as, due to the nature of the industry, you never know when you might hit a lean period with your regular surplus sources and new stock available for acquisition becomes scarce for a while.