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Surplus Business Online Resource Round-Up

Government surplus auction best internet resources information.

In today’s article we’re going to feature a quick round-up of some what we believe to be some of the most valuable resources on the internet for anyone looking to take part in the surplus business trade. The resources consist of, in our opinion, many of the best products, services and educational and training information available to individuals. Some are free information resources, and some are paid products and services. But, all, we feel, will be highly valuable to most readers of SurplusBusiness.Com.

So, please, peruse the following surplus business resource list at your lesiure. We’re sure you’ll find something within the listing that you find to be of value.

Government Auctions School — A very handy and information-packed guide for taking advantage of government auctions is available from this resource. However, it mostly focuses on how to obtain vehicles — cars, truck and SUVs at government auctions. But, some information contained within the guide is sure to be of value to those seeking to obtain other types of merchandise at government auctions.

Government Auction Tracking and Listing Service — This site offers an exceedingly valuable service to those looking to take part in government auctions. Of course, knowing just when, and exactly where, government auctions are taking place near you is absolutely key in being able to grab the best deals on government surplus merchandise. This locating and tracking system maintains an exhaustive and constantly up to date list of all of the latest announced upcoming government auctions. The auctions are searchable by area, and the resource maintains a reminder service, so you can be constantly kept abreast of any new government surplus auctions that are scheduled to take place near you — or, in any area you choose.

Auction-Resource.Org — Claims to be the internet’s #1 source for government and police seized, surplus and unclaimed property auction listings. Maintains a database of more than 4,000 live, active and upcoming public auction listings — entirely searchable by area. Along with its extensive government auction listing service, Auction-Resource.Org also offers an extensive collection of training and instructional materials.

The Auto Auction Center — Provides a live, interactive search function enabling users to perform searches for specific vehicles currently up for auction from various government sources, including local, state and federal police agencies, military, and other federal, state and local governmental departments. Also provides access to browsable and searchable lists of all such vehicle auctions.

SherrifAuctions.Org — Includes online listings of country-wide Sheriff’s department auctions for items such as seized and repossessed cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, vans, RVs, and boats. Provides listings of live, ongoing, Sheriff auctions currently taking place online in real-time, as well as listings for Sheriff auctions coming up in your specific, local area.

Ultimate Surplus & Wholesale Guide — For anyone looking to get into the game of making money by snatching up bargains at surplus auctions, or purchasing items at or below wholesale prices from various surplus, wholesale and liquidation sources, this is the ultimate guide which will detail absolutely everything you need to know in order to do it. The guide details exactly where and how to find and purchase surplus, liquidation and wholesale products at prices up to, and sometimes more than, 90% off the product’s regular retail price  — and then, turn around and sell those items at a substantial profit.

Wholesale Sources Online — The #1 source on the internet for searching and finding active sources, providers and distributors of wholesale, close-out and liquidation items such as jewelry, watches, designer handbags and fashion accessories, clothing items, and more. Name brands listed include labels like Gucci, Prada, Chanel. Versace, and more — all available at wholesale, or below wholesale prices.

How to Get Free Land From the Government

How to get free government land.

First of all, in case you’re here looking for information on such, let me be right up front and dispel a myth that some people seem to believe: There is simply no such thing as totally free federal government land available anywhere in the United States, Canada, nor any other Western, industrialized country that I know of. So, if you’ve seen something on the Internet somewhere wherein someone is promising you that if you’ll just send them a certain amount of your money, they’ll then send you information on exactly how to get free land from the government, don’t believe it. They are either misinformed, delusional, or they’re deliberately trying to scam you. Either way, the information they have for you is useless and your money will be wasted if you send it to them.

It’s not the 1800’s anymore. There is simply no longer any such thing as totally free federal government land available in this country. There is, however, still some county and municipal governments that are offering “free” land. Notice, if you’d please, that the word “free” in that previous sentence is in quotes. Why? Because, when I say that this land is “free”, what I mean is that it can, at certain times, and in certain circumstances, be obtained for essentially no actual money. That doesn’t mean, though, that you wont have to expend something in order to take control of this land.

Whenever some governmental body is offering to give away land for essentially no money, they always want something in return — even though that ‘something’ might not necessarily be legal tender cash money.

How to Get Free Land from the Government:

There are municipalities and counties that are in trouble — they are either experiencing fairly rapid population decline, which is leading to an economic crisis in the locality. Or, they are sitting on government held property that is in unusable, unsaleable condition for some reason, it’s costing them to maintain it, and they are willing to hand over title to the land in exchange for an agreement from you that, under your control of the property, you’ll bring the property back to a desirable state within a certain time period, and at your own expense.

How to get free land from the governmentIn the latter case mentioned above, the scope of such land acquisition is almost always outside of the means of any private individual. It’s usually only corporations who have the means to take advantage of such offers — as, usually, what’s involved in cleaning up the land, in the manner required, is so cost intensive that the current controlling agency — either a municipality, or county, or what have you — is unable, or unwilling, to undertake the expense and burden themselves. So, anyone who would acquire such land under such conditions would need fairly extensive resources, along with the means and will, to make sure that the outlay of such resources stood a good chance of resulting in a net profit somewhere down the road.

For example — in the county in which I used to live, back in the 1960s, a small, start-up energy company became convinced there was oil in a rural area not far outside the small city where I lived. They purchased a plot of about 600 acres from the county and set-up a drilling operation. As it turns out, they were wrong about the oil. Yes, there was some there, apparently. But, not enough to make the company’s efforts significantly profitable. The company scraped by for the better part of twenty years, alternating between years of ending up in the red, and turning a tiny profit. But, overall, not enough to make the long-term operation worthwhile.

In the mid-1980s the company finally went bankrupt and the county seized the property. There was a problem, however. The company had pretty much entirely destroyed the land in their 20 year occupation, and turned it into an environmental disaster area. The entire lot was littered with massive, useless, rusted out, rotting industrial machinery. The site had experienced twenty years of various spills of crude oil and other toxic chemicals at the hands of a company that was constantly struggling not to fail at their investment, and so, were consistently cutting every corner they could — which, of course, included neglecting any expense required to operate cleanly and in a manner not hazardous to the land itself. The land they operated on for two decades was now a bona-fide disaster area. It would cost the county untold millions to clean up the site and make it safe once again. And, that was money that the county just didn’t have.

So, what did they do? They gave the land away — for free! They found a large a corporation who was interested in obtaining that amount of land for some commercial purpose and they signed over title of the property to that corporation in exchange for a legally binding agreement that the corporation, within a period not exceeding ten years, would bring the land back into a state that met with EPA and county specified standards.

Those sorts of free land from the government deals (if you can call them ‘free’) can still be found from time to time. But, as I said before, taking advantage of such offers is likely not within the means of very many private individuals.

Canada government grants - how to get them.Oh, and, by the way — just for interest’s sake — in that specific instance I related above — the corporation that acquired the “free” land were good to their word, as it turned out. They spent what was probably many millions cleaning up the land and completely brought it back into a practically pristine state — far exceeding EPA and the county standards agreed upon in the contract — and, they did it well ahead of schedule. And, once they’d done all the clean-up, the county attempted to exploit a legal loop-hole in the contract to void the agreement and take back control of the land from the corporation. There was a giant legal battle over it that lasted years. The corporation did finally end up winning that battle, however. But, it was in the courts for years, and who knows what tax-payers ended up paying in legal costs to the county because of it — perhaps more than they would have spent had the county originally just undertaken the cost of the clean-up themselves?

So, it would seem that, for the average individual, such is just not a viable means when it comes to how to get free land from the government. Are there any other ways, then? Well, as mentioned above — yes. There actually are. But, as was also mentioned above, the ‘free’ part never really means entirely ‘free.’

For instance, the state of Mississippi has a number of counties that are currently experiencing a population decline. The state, and these counties, are somewhat desperate to increase the population in order to aid the declining economy, and to gain more electoral votes in their districts. So, they’re willing to give away *free* land to just about any takers. And, if you’re interested in obtaining any of this *free* land they might currently have on offer, you can get more information about it by contacting the offices of the Public Lands Division of the Secretary of State of Mississippi. Mississippi isn’t the only state doing this, by the way. There are a few of them — mostly Midwestern — and, the the land available is usually very rural.

However, I’ll caution you to take notice that the word *free*, written in the above paragraph, appears within cautionary asterisks. Yes, there are a number of counties in Mississippi, and other states, that do, from time to time, make available offers of granting land to individuals in exchange for no monetary purchase price. But, there are some things of which you should be aware: Usually, the land on offer is unserviced land — this means there is usually no phone service near the land, no electrical, no county, nor municipal water or sewer service, etc. And, in a lot of cases, in order to obtain title to the land, you’ll be required to enter into a contract with the county wherein you’ll agree to erect a residential structure and set-up residency within a certain amount of time, or else the title to the property will revert back to the county.

What this means, of course, is that you’d either have to be willing to take upon yourself the expense of building a house and actually living in it without running water, modern plumbing, telephone service, or electricity. Or, take on the expense of building a house and paying the county to extend such services into that area. And, such costs are exceedingly expensive.

I can’t say what the costs are specifically in every area today. But, I can tell you that back in 1994 I bought a small parcel of uncleared, unserviced land in a very rural part of Ontario, Canada (purchased in a private sale). I wanted to build a small cottage on the land, and, just for interest’s sake, really, I looked into what it would cost to get service run out the cottage I was planning on building. Just for telephone service, I was quoted a price, by the county, of roughly forty dollars per foot — calculated from the nearest existing telephone line they could run a tap off of. Which, in my case, was a little over three miles away at the time. So, just for telephone service alone, my cost would have been well in excess of a half a million dollars. Upon learning that figure, I abandoned my interest in finding out what electrical would have cost. I’m sure it would have been at least equally as prohibitively expensive.

Government land auctions and how to get free government land.So, how to get free land from the government, exactly? You can’t, really. It doesn’t really exist, I’m sorry to say. Anyone who tells you it does is handing you a line. That’s just the reality of it. You can, in some cases, get what is *virtually* free title to some sort of property from some governmental bodies. But, there will always be strings attached. And, in many cases, those strings will be very expensive, very thick strings, to say the least.

However your dreams may be dashed in how to get free land from the government in any absolute sense, it might do you good, though, to realize that cheap land from the government, as opposed to free, is another matter entirely. And, in fact, various governmental bodies do actually auction off parcels of land for various reasons that, in certain circumstances, can be obtained at exceedingly attractive prices — quite often at prices significantly below market value. So, perhaps setting your sites on more realistic targets, abandoning the question of how to get free land from the government and, instead, looking into getting land from the government at incredible bargains might be a wiser course of action.

Have a look in the ‘related posts’ area directly below this article to find extensive information on how to take advantage of government land auctions.

Surplus Business Equipment – A Wise and Economic Alternative

Surplus Business Equipment

Surplus Business Equipment – Government Surplus

You’ve started your business, or you have one already at least reasonably established. You now find yourself in need of some expensive equipment and supplies. Purchasing equipment and supplies for your business new can be prohibitively expensive. You may have heard that a cheaper alternative to locating and procuring the items your business needs would be to source surplus business equipment. Many business owners do go this route. And, procuring surplus business equipment can be a realistic and economical path to locating the quality business equipment and supplies that your business needs.

Surplus business equipment and supplies are often available from private sources. However, one of the more preferred sources for obtaining quality surplus business equipment is actually the government itself. Buying surplus business equipment and surplus business supplies from the government is actually both a simple and affordable method for properly equipping both your new and expanding business. The types of surplus business equipment available from government sources range from computers to automobiles, and even to previously used medical supplies and equipment — even real estate. Practically any type of equipment you can imagine, or that your business may be in need of, can be sold off by the government at or below cost in the form of surplus business equipment.

Surplus Business Equipment:
A Guide to Government Auctions and Sales for Your Business

At a time when a federal agency or a state or municipal agency finds itself with extra equipment or seized items, or if it happens to foreclose on some piece of property, the items will either be transferred to some other governmental agency or they will be sold off to the public at a government sale or auction. These surplus items are usually sold on an  “as is” basis by auction or else they’re offered to the public in a negotiated sale. The auctions and sales might take place on-line, or in-person, or sometimes both. On-line government surplus auctions tend to work in very much the same fashion as any other, regular online auction works, such as the ones that take place on popular websites like eBay. A person interested in taking part in such on-line government surplus auctions simply visits a website that is run by an agency or broker that is conducting the auction or sale, they register their name with the site, and, when the auction begins, they simply begin placing their bids on the items they’re interested in.

Most of these government surplus auctions that are conducted by various states have a single online auction website where the auctions can be found. However, that’s not the case with auctions conducted by federal agencies. There is no one, single on-line government auction site used by the federal government. Instead, each federal agency is responsible for their own liquidations of excess or no longer needed property or goods. Individual agencies like the General Services Administration, individual federal law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Defense, to name a few, each maintain their own individual auction websites.

The following list contains a number of online resources and websites that you can use to locate sources for procuring surplus business equipment from government sources. In the list you will find online resources offering government surplus business equipment, supplies, merchandise, seized property and real estate.

Government Surplus Locating Resources and Services:

  • GovernmentAuction.Org
    This online resource tracks government surplus auctions taking place all over the country. It maintains a large database of upcoming federal, state, and local government agency auctions. Visitors can filter searches in order to list government surplus auctions coming up in their specific area. This is a valuable resource for anyone looking for surplus business equipment.
  • AuctionPass.Com
    AuctionPass is an online resource that tracks, lists and catologs upcoming government surplus auctions at the federal, state and local, municipal levels. Visitors can search extensive listings and find out when government surplus auctions are happening in and around their location.

Government Surplus Auction Sites:

  • is a government run resource which aims to assist consumers in locating government surplus business equipment and other surplus goods and merchandise all in one place. The site catalogs most of the surplus items currently up for sale by the federal government.
  • Military Surplus
    This online resource is run by the Defense Logistics Agency and provides information on surplus items available from the Department of Defense that are being offered up for sale by the U.S. Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service.
  • Seized Vehicles from the U.S. Treasury
    This site catalogs and lists auctions of previously seized vehicles taking place in a number of states. The U.S. Treasury maintains a number of auction sales centers around the country and seized vehicles are most often offered for sale at one of these centers. The various locations include: Chula Vista, California; Edison, New Jersey; El Paso, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida;  and Nogales, Arizona;
  • IRS – Real and Personal Property Sales
    This on-line resource lists and offers for sale or auction real estate and personal properties that have been seized or otherwise acquired for nonpayment of IRS taxes.

Free Govenment Published Guides to Government Sales and Auctions:

  • Government Auctions and Sales by Agency
    Provides a comprehensive list of Internet links directing visitors to the auction or sales websites maintained by each particular federal government agency.

How To Take Advantage of Government Land Auctions

Government Land Auctions How To

By attending Government land auctions you are sure to find that the average person is actually able to purchase property at exceedingly low prices. A word of warning, though — there are a few small things which you’ll need to keep in mind before visiting your first government land auction. This article will aim to clue you in on some of the most valuable tips you’ll need to know in order to best take advantage of the amazing deals that can be obtained at these government land auctions.

Purchasing property is one of the most significant investments the average person is ever likely to make. Many folks think that buying land by through government land auctions is a much less expensive means of increasing their level of future security through the acquisition of valuable property. The easiest way of doing this is to take part in government real estate auctions.

Real estate auctions are conducted government almost daily throughout the US. And, there appear to be a great many people who have already figured out just how to best take advantage of these government land auctions. A fair number of folks have been successful in actually earning a comfortable living from buying land and flipping it for a tidy profit. Yet, others are of the belief that cheaply acquired properties from government land auctions are a valuable long-term investment, and the properties they acquire at government land auctions are better not being flipped right away — but, instead, held on to in order to maximize their appreciation value.

What Are Government Land Auctions?

So, what, exactly is a government land auction? If someone finds themselves incapable of making the required payments on their property, the property be reclaimed by the person or agency the owner borrowed money from in order to purchase the property. In most cases, the lender is an organized bank. If someone defaults on their loan payments in this way, the property will then wind up being auctioned off, in an attempt by the lender to recoup their money. If the property does get sold at the auction, the lender will claim the amount that the borrower was unable to pay. Since lenders are not motivated to hold on to the property asset, and instead have a primary concern for simply clearing their loss on the amount the borrower failed to repay, the starting prices for these properties are often set fairly low. The holder of the property simply wishes to get rid of the responsibility of holding the property (which isn’t making them any money) and sell it off quickly in order to clear their books.

When these auctions take place, you’ll be able take part in these auctions and place your own bids for the available properties. It’s very possible that you may often be able of obtaining auctioned properties at exceedingly low prices. However, as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, there’s a couple a small matters which you should keep in mind in order to maximize your success when bidding on properties at the government land auctions.

The very first tip you’ll need to learn is that, whenever possible, you’ll always want to thoroughly inspect the property before bidding. There’s quite a number of reasons why it’s a very good idea to bring along a qualified property examiner when you attend a government land auction. A knowledgeable and qualified assessor will know exactly what questions to ask and will be able to properly scrutinize and examine the property that is up for grabs — thus, you will be able to obtain from the assessor an accurate and reliable appraisal of just what the property you’re interested in is actually worth.

Most public government land auctions will make sure that there is time reserved to facilitate inspection of the property up for auction prior to the commencement of the auction. You should make sure to use this time fully to gain as thorough an assesment as possible regarding the value of the property you’re interested in.

Before deciding to attend the government land auction it is, of course, essential to make sure you have the finances that will be needed in order to purchase the desired property. Believe it or not, It’s quite easy to become overly excited once the government land auction begins, and you just might come to find that you’re eager to bid more than your finances would allow! Even if you do have available to you the amount needed, if you become too carried away it’s very possible that you just may wind up bidding much more than what the property is really worth. So, it pays to be realistic and wise with your money, and with your bidding.

If you’ve never taken part in a government land auction, it might also be worth it to familiarize yourself with the process first by taking advantages of the services of certain organizations which facilitate the purchasing of government auctioned properties to people aren’t familiar with doing it themselves. Information on one such organization can be found by following this link.