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Surplus Business Online Resource Round-Up

Government surplus auction best internet resources information.

In today’s article we’re going to feature a quick round-up of some what we believe to be some of the most valuable resources on the internet for anyone looking to take part in the surplus business trade. The resources consist of, in our opinion, many of the best products, services and educational and training information available to individuals. Some are free information resources, and some are paid products and services. But, all, we feel, will be highly valuable to most readers of SurplusBusiness.Com.

So, please, peruse the following surplus business resource list at your lesiure. We’re sure you’ll find something within the listing that you find to be of value.

Government Auctions School — A very handy and information-packed guide for taking advantage of government auctions is available from this resource. However, it mostly focuses on how to obtain vehicles — cars, truck and SUVs at government auctions. But, some information contained within the guide is sure to be of value to those seeking to obtain other types of merchandise at government auctions.

Government Auction Tracking and Listing Service — This site offers an exceedingly valuable service to those looking to take part in government auctions. Of course, knowing just when, and exactly where, government auctions are taking place near you is absolutely key in being able to grab the best deals on government surplus merchandise. This locating and tracking system maintains an exhaustive and constantly up to date list of all of the latest announced upcoming government auctions. The auctions are searchable by area, and the resource maintains a reminder service, so you can be constantly kept abreast of any new government surplus auctions that are scheduled to take place near you — or, in any area you choose.

Auction-Resource.Org — Claims to be the internet’s #1 source for government and police seized, surplus and unclaimed property auction listings. Maintains a database of more than 4,000 live, active and upcoming public auction listings — entirely searchable by area. Along with its extensive government auction listing service, Auction-Resource.Org also offers an extensive collection of training and instructional materials.

The Auto Auction Center — Provides a live, interactive search function enabling users to perform searches for specific vehicles currently up for auction from various government sources, including local, state and federal police agencies, military, and other federal, state and local governmental departments. Also provides access to browsable and searchable lists of all such vehicle auctions.

SherrifAuctions.Org — Includes online listings of country-wide Sheriff’s department auctions for items such as seized and repossessed cars, motorcycles, trucks, SUVs, vans, RVs, and boats. Provides listings of live, ongoing, Sheriff auctions currently taking place online in real-time, as well as listings for Sheriff auctions coming up in your specific, local area.

Ultimate Surplus & Wholesale Guide — For anyone looking to get into the game of making money by snatching up bargains at surplus auctions, or purchasing items at or below wholesale prices from various surplus, wholesale and liquidation sources, this is the ultimate guide which will detail absolutely everything you need to know in order to do it. The guide details exactly where and how to find and purchase surplus, liquidation and wholesale products at prices up to, and sometimes more than, 90% off the product’s regular retail price  — and then, turn around and sell those items at a substantial profit.

Wholesale Sources Online — The #1 source on the internet for searching and finding active sources, providers and distributors of wholesale, close-out and liquidation items such as jewelry, watches, designer handbags and fashion accessories, clothing items, and more. Name brands listed include labels like Gucci, Prada, Chanel. Versace, and more — all available at wholesale, or below wholesale prices.

Buying at Police Seized Car Auctions

Buying at Police Seized Car Auctions

Have you been giving thought to perhaps taking advantage of the incredible deals you’ve heard about when it comes to buying at police seized car auctions? Well, you’re not alone. Practically everyone has heard about these police seized car auctions, and the often amazing buys available through them. And, practically everyone, if asked, expresses an interest in taking part in one of these police seized car auctions. But, when also asked, very few people will say that they every actually have attended a police seized car auction, or have any solid plans to do so in the future. So, why all the interest but not much follow through? The fact of the matter is, people know these police seized car auctions are out there and are taking place, but very few people know much about them — when they take place, or how they, themselves, might be able to participate.

In this article, I’m going to do my best to try and provide you with some of the information you’ll need to know regarding how police seized car auctions work and how attending one can potentially land you a truly killer deal on a quality automobile.

First off, it’s important to realize that each police seized car auction that might be taking place at any given location will have specifics regarding that particular auction which must be taken into account by interested attendees. There’s really no way to properly apprise yourself of these specifics for each particular auction other than to contact the party organizing the auctions and finding out the specific information directly from them. With that said, however, the information contained in this article should provide you with some general, yet very helpful insights to aid you in locating such auctions, and what you’ll generally need to know before participating.

Buying at police seized car auctions is one of the best methods available to obtain quality used (and sometimes new) vehicles at severely discounted prices. A lot of folks seem to think that the only types of automobiles that are regularly offered up at such auctions are actually old, decommissioned, and/or otherwise surplussed police cars. This isn’t, in fact, the case at all. While such vehicles are regularly put on the auction block at such events, they’re not the only type vehicles commonly made available. Police seized car auctions regularly feature vehicles that were obtained through asset seizure and forfeiture of property.

Seized and forfeited vehicles come into police possession when the vehicles have been confiscated by the police due to the vehicles use in, or association with, a crime or criminal. In 1986 a federal law went into effect which encourages police departments to seize assets in the execution of a criminal investigation as a means to discourage dealers in illicit narcotics through denying those criminals the proceeds from their illegal activities. So, let’s say the police conduct a raid on a known drug kingpin’s mansion. They will seize his cars, jewelry, property, and any other valuables that they have reason to believe was obtained by the kingpin through the proceeds earned from drug trafficking offences. The kingpin and his associates and family loses his valuables, and a strong message is sent to others: Crime does not pay. If you break the law, eventually, you’re going to lose everything you gain from it.

Many of the items offered up to the highest bidder at police auctions are obtained in this manner. (And, unfortunately, some are obtained by way of, shall we say, less than scrupulous means) When you’re buying at police seized car auctions, some of the vehicles you’ll be looking at that are up for auction might be surplus vehicles — old police cars, and the like, but many may be seized vehicles obtained by the police department in the manner described in the previous paragraph. These cars will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and the money fetched will go to funding the police department, or sometimes to other governmental interests.

Buying at Police seized car auctionsPolice seized car auctions are taking place all the time in cities and towns right across the country. In some larger cities, due to the frequency at which such seizures occur, police seized car auctions may be held at regular intervals throughout the year — they might occur on a regular date every three months or so, depending on the specific city. In smaller towns they might happen intermittently. And, in some states, the auctions are centralized — a state agency will collect such seized inventory from a number of individual police departments and hold regular auctions featuring items sourced from each of the individual police agencies.

No matter how frequent they may be, someone interested in buying at police seized car auctions will usually be able discover when and where one of these auctions is scheduled to be held in their area by looking through a local newspaper, or by consulting an online auction listing source, such as this one. The notice published in the paper will provide the date and time at which the auction is scheduled to take place. It will sometimes also provide a listing of some or all of the automobiles that are to be put up for auction on that date. In some cases there might be a date published occurring prior to the date of the actual auction that has been set aside for interested parties to inspect the vehicles on offer. Taking advantage of a qualified listing service is more likely to provide much more detailed information that will allow you to make the wisest and most informed decisions regarding purchasing any particular vehicle, and how much you should spend. Along with that, such services will notify you directly and proactively of any police seized car auctions (or, sales and/or auctions of other types, if you choose) in your area. They will also have available to you on-line search features that will allow you to enter specif and detailed criteria any time you wish and then be presented with a list of upcoming opportunities that match the criteria you entered.

Putting forth the effort to actually inspect the vehicles prior to the time of auction is an absolute must. When actually buying at police seized car auctions, in almost all cases, the vehicles that are being auctioned off are sold on an “as is” basis and are not sold with any sort of warranty or guarantee. Once you place a bid and the auctioneer drops the gavel and yells “SOLD!”, you own the vehicle — no matter what may or may not be wrong with it. If you placed the high bid and then come to find out that the vehicle doesn’t even have an engine in it, and you didn’t know because you passed on the opportunity made available to you to fully inspect the vehicle prior to the auction and you never opened the hood and looked, well, that’s your tough luck. The onus is on you to familiarize yourself with the item being bid on and to structure your bid accordingly. For this reason the wise bidder will always take full advantage of the opportunity provided for inspecting the vehicle — some people buying at police seized car auctions, if not so qualified themselves, will even bring a certified mechanic friend along with them to inspect the vehicles.

One other thing to be well aware of is the fact that while the car has been seized by the police or government and they are putting it up for sale at their police seized car auction, this does not guarantee that the vehicle is necessarily entirely free from any liens. There could very well be outstanding debt still owing to a finance company that was held by the person from whom the car was seized. If you successfully bid on the vehicle, you may be on the hook to actually settle that debt with the original finance company. This is somewhat rare, of course, but it’s not entirely unheard of. And, the party conducting the auction will be required to provide adequate notice of any such outstanding debt that may be attached to the vehicle before they can put it up for sale. You should be aware, however, that just because you aren’t aware of any such notice given doesn’t mean that they didn’t necessarily provide proper notice. They have a legal obligation to make such notice readily available, but you also have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure that you’re fully apprised of such notice.

Police seized car auctions - Government auctions

If you get the winning bid and later come to find out there is money owing on the vehicle, but they didn’t take reasonable measures to provide notice of such, then you’re off the hook. The sale is null and void. They’ll have to take the vehicle back and refund your money. But, if you get the winning bid, later come to find out there is money owing on the vehicle, and they DID take reasonable measures to provide notice, but you just weren’t aware of it, then YOU own the car, and YOU own the associated debt, and it’s not their problem anymore. It’s yours. So, the wise and prudent individual always makes sure that they are taking all reasonable measures and action to fully familiarize themselves with items being put up for auction and to find out as much information as they absolutely can regarding such items.

And, of course, there’s no excuse not to inform yourself in such a manner. Simply taking about a minute to ask an official at the auction if there is any outstanding debt on any of the vehicles, or what their policy or protocol is regarding such things should adequately cover your butt. If you ask and they say “no outstanding debt” and it later turns out there is, it’s their problem, not yours. You made the purchase under the clear understanding, confirmed by an official representative of selling party, that there was no outstanding debt, and the fact that it turns out there is voids the agreement of sale — they can keep their car, and you can keep your money.

With these things in mind, and with an eye to buying at police seized car auctions using a little bit of wisdom and prudence, such auctions can, and very often do, provide truly astounding opportunities for obtaining quality used vehicles at incredibly amazing savings. If you happen to be in the market for a used car, it would be well worth your time to investigate any upcoming police seized car auctions which may be taking place in your area. Or, perhaps you’re thinking of starting your own business obtaining vehicles from such sources and flipping them for a profit? If that’s the case, then buying at police seized car auctions is most assuredly worth investigating.

Making Money in Government Surplus – Buy Low and Sell High

Government Surplus Buy Low Sell High

Everybody knows that one of the absolute surest ways of making money in business is the “buy low and sell high” model. And, it goes without saying, the lower you can buy an item for, and the higher you can turn around and sell that same item for, the more money you’ll make. It is precisely for this reason that sourcing potential trade items from surplus providers is so attractive to so many. There are few, if any, other avenues that hold an equal potential to provide a buyer with lower priced, quality merchandise which can then be re-sold for higher profit margins than government surplus sources.

Through government surplus outlets and auctions, a buyer is able to locate all manner of various goods very inexpensively and re-sell those items at a substantial profits. Such cheaply sourced items can be re-sold easily, effectively and without much overhead, through  on-line means such as eBay and other online auction services, flea markets, junk sales, Craigslist or print classified advertising, mail-order, liquidation centers, and more.

Sourcing merchandise intended for resale from government surplus sources offers very attractive profit potential because government surplus sources aren’t likely to be as concerned with obtaining the highest prices for their surplus merchandise as are private, commercial sellers. When it comes to government surplus sales — such as government surplus auctions, or government direct liquidation — the sales are being run and handled by government employees. This means, of course, that it wasn’t their personal money that was used to procure the items in the first place. It was tax-payer money. The sellers have no personal stake or financial investment in the sale of the items which they need to make certain they recoup. So, they are not strongly motivated to make sure that they obtain the best possible price on a sale. At least, they’re not nearly as motivated as a private seller would be — one who, if they are unable to obtain a good price for the item they have personal capital invested in, might not be able to provide for themselves or their families as well as they would have liked. The government employees overlooking the sale of the government surplus items you’re interested in purchasing are getting paid the same wage whether the item sells or not, and regardless of how much it sells for. Whether an item ends up being sold for one dollar or a million dollars, the people overseeing the sale make the same wage.

Now, many people that are inexperienced in the game of flipping goods obtained from government surplus sources are very often under the mistaken impression that government surplus really means military surplus. And, that most of the types of goods available have very specific military applications only and, thus, appeal only to a very specific and somewhat limited market, making the items obtained somewhat difficult to re-sell unless you already have avenues of distribution set-up within that market. This, however, is not the case at all. Military surplus actually only accounts for a small portion of the surplus merchandise that various government departments sell off practically every day. Most of the merchandise that makes up regular government surplus sales are items with very mundane, every-day, civilian usages.

AGovernment Surplus - how to turn profitst government surplus auctions and distributors it’s common to find things as ordinary and mundane as office furniture, consumer camera, photography and other types of audio-visual equipment, regular clothing, consumer computer equipment, various electrical and kitchen appliances, musical instruments, hand tools, exercise equipment, janitorial supplies and equipment, and much, much more.

Of course, with all the attraction that’s obviously inherent in exploiting government surplus sources in order to make money flipping surplus merchandise, there really doesn’t seem to be a lot of people actually doing it. And, one must wonder why this is. The reason is fairly straight forward, however. I explained above how the people who run these government surplus sales aren’t personally motivated to get the best prices for the items being sold. And, of course, for this exact same reason, these government surplus sales aren’t widely advertised. The truth is, most people just don’t know about these government surplus sales. The sellers aren’t personally motivated to publicize the sales in order to bring in the widest array of potential buyers and make sure the items are moved for the best possible prices. This is another reason why merchandise can be obtained at such great prices from government surplus sources — there’s less competition among buyers than there usually is at private sales, simply because less people are aware of them.

So, all you really need to do is find these under-publicized sales. Fortunately, we’ve published articles right here on SurplusBusiness.Com in the past that will explain to you the best methods of going about finding these sales. Check out just some of our articles listed below for more information:

What is a Police Auction? And, How to Find and Take Advantage of Them
Public Surplus Auctions – Exactly How To Find Them
Government Surplus Online Auctions

So, these are the attractive advantages of government surplus when it comes to turning a profit by buying low and selling high: The sales tend to not be well publicized, which means less competition among buyers. Which, of course, means less demand and less buyers running up prices. Government surplus auctions tend to place items up for bid with either very low, or absolutely no reserve price. Coupled with the less than normal buying competition, this means that, often, even placing a ridiculously low-bid on an item can result in a winning bid.

Just recently, I was at a government surplus auction where a lot of antique shaving kits — never used and still in their original packaging — came up for auction. I know there’s a small, but fairly enthusiastic, collector’s market for such items. I estimated the re-sale value of the lot at around $500.00 But, since the market is so small, it probably would have been a hassle to move them quickly, if I won the bid.

Government Auctions - Strategy tipsIn this particular case, it was a silent auction. In such an auction, you don’t get to know what other people have bid. You enter the most you’re willing to pay, and at the end of the day, the person who entered the highest amount wins the item for the amount they entered. Even though I knew the re-sale value was around $500.00, the reserve price placed on this particular item was set at only $25.00.

So, I thought, “What the hell!” I’ll put in the minimum bid. I don’t really want the hassle of trying to move the items in such a limited market — so, if I don’t win it, I won’t be all that disappointed. But, if I do somehow manage to win them for the minimum bid, I’ve pretty much got to go for it. If I don’t get it, I don’t get it. No big deal. I didn’t expect to win the bid. But, I did. As it turned out, nobody else even placed a bid on the item. And, as luck would have it, I actually did find a buyer fairly quickly and with relatively little hassle. I paid exactly $25.00 for the lot, and within two weeks I found a buyer and sold the entire lot for $380.00. A profit of $355.00. Not bad!

Government Surplus Online Auctions

Government Surplus Auctions

It used to be that if you wanted in on the incredible bargains available at government surplus auctions, you had to do an awful lot of footwork. Just locating government surplus auctions and figuring out where and when these auctions would be held was quite a chore, as they tended not to be very well advertised. Then, of course, once you found an upcoming government surplus auction, you had to actually, physically go to the location in order to take part.

Today, however, we’re living in the electronic age and, as with many things, government surplus auctions have now moved into the online world. Government surplus online auctions have become exceedingly more popular over the last decade. No longer does an interested buyer need to spend the time or gas money to actually travel to the government surplus online auction they once did — all of your auction bidding can now be done in front of a computer, right from the comfortable surroundings of your very own home.

Actually knowing where on the internet one needs to go in order to take part in one of these government surplus online auctions isn’t knowledge that everyone has, however. Even in this age of the internet, it still takes a fair amount of searching. Fortunately, there are services available such as the one offered by GovernmentAuctions.Org, and AuctionPass, which act as both government surplus online auction, and more traditional, offline government auction locating services. The more reputable of these services, such as those mentioned above, are truly invaluable tools if you’re looking to get a leg up and really snag the absolute best deals on things like federal government surplus vehicles, or local or state government surplus automobiles, government surplus equipment, surplus furniture, government surplus ammo, machinery, clothing, government land auctions, and just about anything else you can think of. GovernmentAuctions.Org also offers auction locating services for both American  and Canadian government surplus auctions, as well as repo auctions, police auctions, military government auctions and much more.

Of course, if you’re someone who is interested in purchasing quality government auctions cars, you will probably want to check out our very own, updated hourly, live surplus vehicle auction listing that’s located here. Be sure to bookmark that page and check back every so often, as the best deals quite often get snatched up soon after being posted. If you’re in the market for more general military government auctions goods, or other non-military general government auctions surplus items, you’ll probably also want to check out our other listings located here and here as well. Live listings for military surplus items are located here.

Government surplus online auctionWith all of that said, it should be clear that while the modern electronic age has made locating such government auctions of surplus goods much, much less of a chore than it once was, it’s still not an entirely simple task for many people. The truth of the matter is that many of these government surplus online auctions just aren’t advertised or promoted all that well. Internet search engines can often make the task of locating government surplus online auctions fairly difficult as, recently, there has been a trend for the major search engines to favor commercial websites willing to dump money into the search engine’s advertising schemes. This pushes the actual government surplus online auctions information that you’re probably looking for deep down into the search results and brings advertisers who just want to sell you something up to greater prominence in the returned results. The effect, of course, is that you’ll need to spend time and effort hunting through those results in order to find the information you’re looking for.

In fact, you’re probably on this page right now because you’ve become frustrated in trying to locate the information you need and are looking for tips on how best to go about doing so. There does certainly seem to be a lot of talk on the internet about these great government surplus online auctions taking place all the time, but there doesn’t really seem to be very much direct information regarding where they are and how to find them exactly. That’s why we offer our live, updated-hourly surplus auction listings. And, if you’re truly interested in maximizing your ability to find the absolute best government surplus auctions — ones taking place both online and offline — your best bet really is to take advantage of a competent government auction locating service like the ones mentioned above.

There really are an absolute ton of amazing bargains to be had at these auctions — bargains that most people just don’t know about. And, while it can still be somewhat tricky to locate these government surplus online auctions by yourself — even in this age of instant information via the internet — there are services available to you that will give you a remarkable advantage in both finding the auctions you wish to take part in, or even teaching you the information you need in how to find government surplus online auctions on your own — whether you happen to be looking for either American or Canadian government surplus online auctions.

Government Surplus Auction Websites:

Surplus Business Equipment – A Wise and Economic Alternative

Surplus Business Equipment

Surplus Business Equipment – Government Surplus

You’ve started your business, or you have one already at least reasonably established. You now find yourself in need of some expensive equipment and supplies. Purchasing equipment and supplies for your business new can be prohibitively expensive. You may have heard that a cheaper alternative to locating and procuring the items your business needs would be to source surplus business equipment. Many business owners do go this route. And, procuring surplus business equipment can be a realistic and economical path to locating the quality business equipment and supplies that your business needs.

Surplus business equipment and supplies are often available from private sources. However, one of the more preferred sources for obtaining quality surplus business equipment is actually the government itself. Buying surplus business equipment and surplus business supplies from the government is actually both a simple and affordable method for properly equipping both your new and expanding business. The types of surplus business equipment available from government sources range from computers to automobiles, and even to previously used medical supplies and equipment — even real estate. Practically any type of equipment you can imagine, or that your business may be in need of, can be sold off by the government at or below cost in the form of surplus business equipment.

Surplus Business Equipment:
A Guide to Government Auctions and Sales for Your Business

At a time when a federal agency or a state or municipal agency finds itself with extra equipment or seized items, or if it happens to foreclose on some piece of property, the items will either be transferred to some other governmental agency or they will be sold off to the public at a government sale or auction. These surplus items are usually sold on an  “as is” basis by auction or else they’re offered to the public in a negotiated sale. The auctions and sales might take place on-line, or in-person, or sometimes both. On-line government surplus auctions tend to work in very much the same fashion as any other, regular online auction works, such as the ones that take place on popular websites like eBay. A person interested in taking part in such on-line government surplus auctions simply visits a website that is run by an agency or broker that is conducting the auction or sale, they register their name with the site, and, when the auction begins, they simply begin placing their bids on the items they’re interested in.

Most of these government surplus auctions that are conducted by various states have a single online auction website where the auctions can be found. However, that’s not the case with auctions conducted by federal agencies. There is no one, single on-line government auction site used by the federal government. Instead, each federal agency is responsible for their own liquidations of excess or no longer needed property or goods. Individual agencies like the General Services Administration, individual federal law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Defense, to name a few, each maintain their own individual auction websites.

The following list contains a number of online resources and websites that you can use to locate sources for procuring surplus business equipment from government sources. In the list you will find online resources offering government surplus business equipment, supplies, merchandise, seized property and real estate.

Government Surplus Locating Resources and Services:

  • GovernmentAuction.Org
    This online resource tracks government surplus auctions taking place all over the country. It maintains a large database of upcoming federal, state, and local government agency auctions. Visitors can filter searches in order to list government surplus auctions coming up in their specific area. This is a valuable resource for anyone looking for surplus business equipment.
  • AuctionPass.Com
    AuctionPass is an online resource that tracks, lists and catologs upcoming government surplus auctions at the federal, state and local, municipal levels. Visitors can search extensive listings and find out when government surplus auctions are happening in and around their location.

Government Surplus Auction Sites:

  • GovSales.gov
    GovSales.gov is a government run resource which aims to assist consumers in locating government surplus business equipment and other surplus goods and merchandise all in one place. The site catalogs most of the surplus items currently up for sale by the federal government.
  • Military Surplus
    This online resource is run by the Defense Logistics Agency and provides information on surplus items available from the Department of Defense that are being offered up for sale by the U.S. Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service.
  • Seized Vehicles from the U.S. Treasury
    This site catalogs and lists auctions of previously seized vehicles taking place in a number of states. The U.S. Treasury maintains a number of auction sales centers around the country and seized vehicles are most often offered for sale at one of these centers. The various locations include: Chula Vista, California; Edison, New Jersey; El Paso, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Miami and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida;  and Nogales, Arizona;
  • IRS – Real and Personal Property Sales
    This on-line resource lists and offers for sale or auction real estate and personal properties that have been seized or otherwise acquired for nonpayment of IRS taxes.

Free Govenment Published Guides to Government Sales and Auctions:

  • Government Auctions and Sales by Agency
    Provides a comprehensive list of Internet links directing visitors to the auction or sales websites maintained by each particular federal government agency.