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What is a Police Auction? And, How to Find and Take Advantage of Them

What is a Police Auctions?

What is a Police Auction?

When one hears the term Police Auction, all kinds of things come to mind, but I assure you the police haven’t suddenly decided they are going to auction off their equipment and vehicles etc. Referred to by some as cheaper and better than Ebay for finding affordable and high quality goods, police auction websites and public auctions offer some surprisingly unique and sought after goods, vehicles and even a wide range of collectables for collectors out there. It’s even possible to buy real estate property from a police auction!

Okay, so we know the police are auctioning off some great items all over the net and in public police auctions, but where are they getting these items?

Seized goods, Vehicles and even Property can be bought at Police Auctions

Government and police auctions basically auction off all the goods that have been taken and confiscated from felons and have then over time, become the property of the state. This might include, among other things:

  • Vehicles
  • Properties
  • Personal Possessions
  • Clothes

If after these things have been seized by the police and kept during investigations for use as evidence, they are not claimed by the defendant, they are eventually considered ‘abandoned property’ and are therefore put up for auction.

Where can you Find Government and Police Auctions?

If you are looking to purchase cars for auction, property for auction or a public police auction you may struggle to find one in your area if you aren’t familiar with how they work. Police auctions are held both offline and online and in fact, if you are simply looking for something like a T.V. or jewelry, you can even order online!

If you are looking for:

  • A police property auction
  • A Police vehicle auction
  • General Government and police auctions

The best place to start is probably your local police agency. They will give you the dates, times and places of all their upcoming auctions and probably their website too where you can see what’s up for auction and purchase items there and then from the website, much like Ebay or Amazon.

You can also search the net, by simply using your favorite search engine to do a search using keywords like “police property auction”, “police vehicle auction”, “government and police auctions” and you will no doubt be presented with a whole host of options and in many cases you will even be able to purchase the goods then and there on the website.

An obvious place to find police auctions is your local paper, in the classified section. Typically, police auction ads are hard to find and are often placed in obscure locations, however this does give the added advantage of ‘less competition’ so you can get what you need without spending too much.

However, by far, the easiest method for finding police auctions is by visiting the website of a public auction listing service. There are services set-up, that you can easily take advantage of, which specialize in locating and informing you of police auctions that are available to you. Such services, such as the one that can be found here, specialize in scouring the country for police auctions that you will be able to take part in, and alerting you when such police auctions will be coming up. Such services are extremely valuable, and provide a decide advantage, as their positioning, contacts, and experience in the field allow them to find police auctions which may not be otherwise well publicized.

Don’t Forget the Special Requirements

One factor that many police auction seekers forget is that police auctions often have certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can attend. For example, many auction sites require that you put down a refundable amount of money before you are given access to a particular auction. This may only be as little as $100 and once you come to paying for an item, the fee will be taken from that amount and you will be returned the rest.

It’s up to you to find out the requirements as they aren’t always so obvious and don’t forget you driver’s license, insurance and registration details!

As mentioned earlier, however, taking advantage of a police auction, or public auction listing service, such as this one, will certainly make it much easier for you, as they will be able to provide you information regarding all of the necessary special requirements you may have to meet in order to take advantage of the police auctions they inform you of.